Rules and Regulations

All the students of G.S.V.M should maintain the glory of the institution for building up a new nation discipline and good character are needed, it is possible only when every person is dynamic, firm and has the attitude of serving the nation. Every student should maintain discipline, Indiscipline student will be rusticated from the college a fine can also be charged for less punishable actious by the student. If any student has complain, he/she must inform at the office. Well disciplined students will be rewards every year by the principal.
Disciplinary committee
To maintain discipline in the institute, the disciplinary committee has been made the principal, proctor, professors are the members of this committee, who will keep an eye on the activities of the students. So students must not involve in any such activity which will break the discipline of the instituted and the committee will have so take action.
Dress Code
Student will have to come to the college in proper uniform.
Boys - White shirt, Black trouser
Girls - White kurta, Black salwar, Black dupatta.
Vehicle stand
There is a definite Vehicle stand within the college campus. Student will have to park their Vehicle at proper vehicle stand only otherwise a fine of Rs. 10 to 15 will be charged.

There shouldbe compulsory attendence of 75% of working days of the acdmic session of the college, otherwise the student should be ristricted from the exam.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, having drugs and use of any type of weapon is strictly prohibited in the institute.
No student will absent without written leave application duly approved by the principal / HOD.
The college does not accept the responsibility for loss of books, money, mobile other personal items of student.
The principal / HOD Reserves the reserves to take any disciplinary action, from warning to expulsion from the institute.
All transactions laeding to any dispute shall be subject to court, jurisdiction at Allahabad. Every student is urged to contribute to the value & standards of the institute by his conduct, discipline and behaviors.
It is presumed that at the time of submission of the admission form, all the rules, regulation and conditions are read and accepted by the candidate and his /her parent/guardians.