The college has central library with a large collection of books and a reference section with select dictionaries, Atlas and encyclopedias.
The library subscribes to many national and international journals, periodicals, magazines on variety of subjects. It has a separate reading room for daily newspapers.Materials in the form of CDs and video tapes are also available in the library .

1. The college has a well equiped, well organised and well settled library in which all the subject related books are available students will have to deposit cation money of Rs 500/- and hold a library and to use the library books.
2. The student who will return a book of the library will not remain eligible to issue further books from the library.
3. To issue library card, frees receipt and identity card issued by the college are required
4. Student can issue one book from the library for seven days only.
5. On returning of the first book, the second book will be issued.
6. There will be a fine of Rs. 1 per day, in case of the book is returned by the student after the due date.
7. In case of lost or damage of the library book the student will have to pay the full cost of the book.
8. In case of lost of library card, student will have to pay Rs. 50/- for duplicate Identity card.